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  • AUTOMATIC DOG AND CAT FEEDER WITH 10.6L CAPACITY — Control your pet’s portions and feeding even when you’re out with the Andrew James Automatic Pet Feeder. This extra large dispenser can hold enough dry food for up to 90 days.
    DISPENSE UP TO 4 PORTIONS OF DRY FOOD A DAY — You can programme the feeding station to dispense up to 4 portions in 24 hours. The feeder can be programmed to dispense up to 10 different portion sizes – Min = ¼ cup (25g) & Max = 2.5 cups (250g).
    TAMPER PROOF WITH VOICE RECORDER — The lockable lid and tamper proof clasps help prevent pets access but all the parts are easy to detach when you need to clean them. The voice recorder lets you save a message of up to 6 seconds.