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  • wide range of applications: pet hair remover helps remove pet hair and other foreign bodies that stick to clothing, bedding, jackets, clothing, blankets, bedding etc. while removing dust and hair directly from mobile phones and even keyboards. Safe for all clothing, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, reusable and easy to clean. Particularly suitable for baby’s skin rejuvenation or for sensitive skin.
    Easy to use: material: it is made of a very soft, viscous soft material. When buying pet hair remover you do not need to remove fur, hair, lint, dandruff and other residues on your clothes, jackets, clothes, blankets, sheets and everything you want to wash and dry. We also offer 4 laundry balls which could improve the washing performance and prevent the clothes from getting tangled and twisted and the product use effect.
    Reuse: these epilators can be used hundreds of times in washing machines and dryers. They will not be deformed or damaged during use. And it can accelerate drying, remove lint and reduce the stress on clothes. Save money, time and water! After use, it can be washed directly with water and dried for repeated use.