Bounce and Bella

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  • RELIEF! Ease painful allergy and itching symptoms with ingredients that work together to help provide relief and get your happy dog back to you – fish oil, peas, vitamin E & vitamin A all have anti-inflammatory properties – Zinc lowers histamine release which is the cause of allergy symptoms – Magnesium in sweet potato calms the nervous system preventing secondary anxiety itching symptoms.
    UNIQUE BLEND OF INGREDIENTS! Help repair skin cells & give your dog an immunity boost to defend against attack by allergies and pathogens – Freshly prepared salmon & trout provide protein for repairing cells – Antioxidants in sweet potato, peas and vitamin E help repair skin cells – Zinc and Biotin help produce and grow skin cells – Omega 3 & 6 from fish and egg supports immune health – Vitamin A boosts the immune system
    SKIN & COAT HELP! The 5 main ingredients are salmon, sweet potato, potato, peas and trout (with the number one ingredient being freshly prepared salmon) and are made with zero grain or gluten – making them the perfect treats for dogs suffering from allergies and skin problems.