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  • SUPERIOR FORMULATION: Our best skin and coat supplement for dogs on the market. Veterinarian formulated with a combination of powerful fish and vegetable oils, essential fatty acids, Omegas, vitamins and star flower oil providing 22% GLA. Safe and all-natural ingredients with essential nutrients to fight skin related conditions such as dry skin, hot spots, excessive shedding and much more, resulting in a silky, hydrated and shiny, healthy coat
    MAXIMUM PROTECTION FOR YOUR PET: Our dog skin and coat formula protects and heals dry skin, and it also calms sensitive skin, reduces itching and excessive moulting. Offers protection against bacterial and fungal infections, fleas, ticks or lice. It also has a MAJOR BENEFIT in improving the immune system; reduces any inflammatory reactions
    KEEP YOUR DOG HEALTHY: Rich in Omega-3 fish oil, our Skin & Coat is packed with Omega 3 6, and 9 nourishing fatty acids which aid in hydrating your dog’s skin for a soft shiny coat; provides healthy heart support; reduced allergy symptoms; optimum brain function, and boosts immunity, ensuring your dog stays healthy and looks great