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  • Why do dogs need a Life Jacket? ➪ Dogs have the talent to swim, but not every dog can swim by nature. Dogs who are beginning to swim will feel afraid that they will not be able to relax. Small dogs who has short-leggeds such as bulldogs can hardly float on their own. Dogs are playful, they don’t realize that they are tired of playing, it is easy to be physically exhausted and in dangerous. So it is essential to prepare a Life Vest for your dogs.
    How to choose a size?➪We have improved the size, 5 sizes XS-XL makes it suitable for the vast majority of dogs.( You can choose the size according to your dog’s weight and bust In the third picture on the left. Please measure the widest part of the dog’s chest (girth) as a bust reference. We recommend that you choose the larger one if you hesitate between the two sizes.
    How to use the dog life vest correctly?➪We suggest to let your dog fit the life jacket before entering the water in order to your dog reject it when they are launched. Don’t forget to put the extra tape into protective sleeve to avoid hooking the debris in the water. After getting into the water, let your dog practice for a while with your companion, then, go!