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  • 【Design With Rope】Compared with the traditional dog toy, this dog ball is more easy to attract dogs to play by adding rope design and own dog food aroma. You not only can lift the dog ball by hand or hang it from the tree to train your dog’s bouncing and catching ability, but also can remove the rope and use it as a chewing treat dispenser ball.
    【Clean Teeth】The surface of dog treat ball has many soft rubber bristles, when the dog chews and bites the ball, it can promote the removal of dental plaque and reduce oral bacteria to improve gum health so that achieveing the effect of preventing diseases.
    【Increase Interaction】This dog treat toy’s bright colors and unique food dispensing design can attract dogs to chew. In the process of playing, it not only can increase dog’s exercise, help dog’s digestion to avoid obesity, but also bring a lot of fun to the dog and soothe the dog’s heart to reduce loneliness and maintain a stable and happy mood.