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  • EXTRA ABSORBENT AND FAST DRYING – The thick, fluffy microfibre fabric dog towels is not only particularly soft, it can also absorb a lot of liquid due to its texture. In addition to its high absorbency, the bath towel for dogs and cats dries particularly quickly. This allows you to reuse it after the next walk.
    FOR BIG & SMALL DOGS – The FLUFFINO dog towel can be used to dry both small dogs (e.g. Pugs, French bulldogs or Puppies) and large dogs (e.g. golden/labrador retrievers or shepherd dogs) thanks to its high absorbency and dimensions of 120 x 70 cm.
    EASY TO CARE & WASHABLE – We at FLUFFINO have consciously chosen the colours “grey” & “green”. These colours are not particularly sensitive to dirt and therefore excuse dirty dog fur (thus also suitable for paw cleaning). The pet towel can therefore be used several times before it should be washed. If the soft dog towel is nevertheless times due for the cleaning, then the drying and cleaning towel can be cleaned with 60 degrees in the washing machine.