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  • Interactive with your Dog Outdoor: This enrichment toys for dogs can help to release the dog’s pressure as well as cultivate your dog’s trust and understanding. Strengthen the bond between you and your lovely pet. Also, it can be used as a dog fetch play toys for outdoor games, help your love’s intelligence improving.
    Durable Rubber Dog Chew Toys: Made of natural durable classic red rubber which is non-toxic, eco-friendly, chewproof, safe, soft and elastic, provides an erratic bounce for fetch and chase fun that’s great for chew sessions. Almost undestructable.
    Great Treat Dispenser and Stuffing: The treat dispensing dog toys is designed with a hollow sphere in which food can be placed to attract the dog’s attention and appetite, keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated during mealtime. And fill the Denta-Ridges with easy treat or peanut butter to extend playtime and satisfy chewing instincts.