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  • HAPPY PET: 260 tips give your pets a massage that is both gentle & relaxing while grooming whether it’s your dog, cat, horse or even a rabbit. One pair for all your pets! Have happy Fur Babies with the use of these Dog Grooming/Cat Grooming/Pet Grooming Gloves who no longer run when they see the grooming tools come out.
    CLEAN HOME: K&K gloves work as an efficient hair remover to quickly de-shed loose hair from long, short or curly hair of dogs, cats and other pets, no matter what their size. These gloves are sure to make the task of keeping the home cleaner that much simpler and easier.
    EASY-TO-USE: Pet your fur baby to collect hair. The glove provides a relaxing massage that will not only remove dirt and dander but also improve blood circulation while stimulate their healthy oils leaving your pets’ fur shiny and smooth. Peel away once full to clean the glove.

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