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  • GREAT FOR PUPPY TRAINING – The Natural Rapport Anti-Chewing Dog Repellant Spray is a great asset for any dog owner looking to train a puppy or kitten. With an extremely bitter taste, most puppies dislike the taste and respond well. While not all stubborn pups respond to anti-chew spray, it can be effective for older dogs, specific dog breeds, and even cats.
    SAFE FOR PETS – This spray is made entirely from ingredients that are safe for all breeds. It is safe for use virtually everywhere including plants; won’t stain carpet or furniture or leave sticky residue behind.
    FOR DOGS AND CATS – This spray works well for training both dogs and cats, preventing them from turning your furniture into their own personal chew toy. Whether you have a large dog or a small puppy or kitten, the Natural Rapport Anti-Chewing spray will stop your dog from chewing and your cat from nibbling your belongings and home furnishings.

    5-IN-1 FORMULA: Cleans, Conditions, Moisturizes, Deodorizes & Detangles – No Need For Multiple Products
    CLEAN SCENT: Keeps Your Pet Skin Smelling Fresh Without The “Wet-Dog” Odor Or “Cheap Perfume” Smell