Perky Tail Toys

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  • 1.MULTI-PURPOSE ? The surface of the ball has dog chew properties, and this makes chewing great for their teeth. It’s easy to clean and the bright colours ensure it stands out in all environments, making it perfect for outdoor play. Squeaky dog toys are also great for training recall.
    2.TOUGH DOG TOYS ? All of our dog balls are manufactured using tough high-quality rubber. They are also designed to decompress upon impact as well as stretch. This makes them more resistant than regular balls and therefore they provide a healthy chewing outlet. Though no dog ball toy is indestructible, ours are extremely tough!
    3.VISUALLY APPEALING ? Canine vision differs from humans in that a dog’s vision is ‘dichromatic’. This means that they primarily see in yellow and blue and we have designed these toys with that in mind. We do not just supply squeaky ball toys, our dog chews are attractive to dogs and puppies alike.