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  • The X- FACTOR supplement which supplies rich nutrients missing in most dog foods Canine digestive systems also don’t always get all the necessary nutrients from their dog food Petdentist Total Health Care gives the natural burst of vitamins and minerals amino acids and essential nutrients to improve the health and wellness in your pet It Helps return the sparkle to your dog’s teeth and eyes and the energy to their step
    CERTIFIED Formulation- Petdentist’s Total Health care is an advanced multi-nutrient supplement that has been professionally and expertly formulated by dentist’s and vet’s to support and optimise canine dental and body health Our premium pet vitamins for dogs supplement meets the strictest manufacturing guidelines of GMP ISO9001 and HACCP Our Pet dentist cat and dog supplements are Non-GMO Vegan Gluten Free and Cruelty Free
    ENERGISING SOLUTION with CQ10 for a long term active and healthy lifestyle Total Health Care Multivitamins with Coq10 for Dogs and cats offer daily vitamin and mineral support aid made from the highest quality approved ingredients Ideal for any breed age or size of dogs and cats Our dog vitamins and supplements are specifically designed to be taken by your pet in a highly-absorbable and tasty palatable powder form to help your pet’s oral and general well being

  • Fresh Breath pet water additive Helps as a cat breath freshener as well as a bad breath treatment for dogs by eliminating dog bad breath for fresher kisses and hugs
    Easy No Fuss pet oral hygiene solution with No Brushing required helps reduce dental tartar and plaque build by being an effective dog tartar remover and dog plaque remover without the need for finger toothbrushes and toothpaste
    All Natural 100% Pure Ingredients Recommended by Veterinarians and Dentist formulated for pet oral care to aid dental health and teeth cleaning simply and easily for dogs cats and small mammals and can help in reducing expensive teeth cleaning veterinary bills

  • Plaque Remover plus Coenzyme Q10 is exactly what your pet needs and the vet recommended sourced with Pure and natural ingredients; Each bottle comes with Kelp Turmeric Marjoram Calendula Neem Arnica Aloe Vera Activated Coconut charcoal Goldenseal Grapefruit seed extract (GSE) Green tea Parsley and CoQ10 ubiquinol
    Coenzyme Q10 for pets health is a breakthrough formulation which has been proven to be an effective supplement for treating gum diseases gingivitis and periodontitis as well as supporting your pets Heart Gastrointestinal Liver Brain and Immune Health in pets. Coenzyme Q10 is a powerful antioxidant. Coenzyme Q10 can also help minimize stress and support healthy skin and ageing
    Freshens breath eliminates bad pet breath Improve your pets’ breath with the powerful breath freshener that transforms bad dog breath and stinky cat breath into forever fresher Puppy or Kitty Breath; Unique formulation controls plaque and tartar for optimum dental health; After a few weeks of regular use, plaque and tartar build-up falls off naturally or for best results you can use a pet toothpaste and dog toothbrush finger brush or a dental wipe to clean the plaque off easily

  • BEST DENTAL DOG TOOTHPASTE AND TOOTHBRUSH- Petsmile proprietary formula with Calprox cleans teeth and controls plaque build up
    FRESHENS- Petsmile Enzymatic Formula Plus Pet Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush Provides long-lasting germicidal protection for fresher breath. Don’t let your pet fall victim to gum disease and infection
    SAFE & VET, DENTIST APPROVED – The only pet toothpaste approved by VOHC The Veterinary Oral Health Council plus Recommended by Petdentist Deepak Songra member of the BVDA(UK)