Pets Are Kids Too

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  • “PUPPY BREATH IN A BOTTLE” – INSTANTLY ELIMINATE BAD DOG AND CAT BREATH: Cure your pets’ breaths ON CONTACT with the powerful breath freshener that transforms bad dog breath and stinky kitty breath into Forever Puppy or Kitty Breath! Rest assured it contains NO toxic grain alcohol or pesticides, but has a TASTE PETS LOVE.
    “PET DENTIST IN A BOTTLE” – THE TOOTH SPRAY ELIMINATES TARTAR, PLAQUE AND GUM DISEASE. LIFE THREATENING oral diseases show up in 70-80% of pets by age 3. While most products ONLY freshen the breath, (or contain stomach-upsetting ingredients) our alcohol-free dog breath spray and plaque & tartar remover reduces the risk of suffering from oral diseases by providing daily natural plaque and tartar control for dogs and cats.
    ACTUALLY WORKS BETTER THAN dog breath bones, freshener treats, breath freshener mints for dogs, dental chews, dog mouthwashes, or other dog teeth cleaning and dental care products. The natural ingredients have antiseptic properties, and deliver results at an ENZYMATIC LEVEL, eliminating the ROOT CAUSE of bad breath, plaque, tartar, bacteria and periodontal disease before it’s too late.