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  • ✅ A MUST HAVE ACCESSORY FOR ALL DOG OWNERS! It’s not a matter of choice; if your dog is even slightly playful and active during their walk, at some point,they will try to pull their leash, ending up hurting their neck and throat. This harness distributes their body weight evenly, thus keeping them unharmed when they pull against their lead!
    ✅ LOOKS FABULOUS ON YOUR DOG! When it comes to harnesses, it’s not only about practicality; it’s also about style! Our fashionably designed vest comes in a deep blue color that will look super cool on your buddy, whether they’re a good boy or a good gal!
    ✅ IT FITS LIKE A GLOVE TO LARGE SIZED PETS! Regardless of their breed, if your adult dog or puppy weighs between 8 – 15 kilograms, this is the best vest for them. The fully adjustable straps allow you to find exactly the length that will firmly hug your dog’s body without hurting them.

  • ✅ STOP YOUR DOG’S EXCESSIVE BARKING: Highly efficient and comfortable to wear, this no-shock, anti-bark dog collar offers the most reliable and effortless solution to help you eliminate your best friend’s excessive barking habit, once and for all, in a completely harmless and painless way. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
    ✅ TRAIN YOUR PET QUICKLY & SAFELY: Utilising humane training methods, our effective, no bark dog collar features a mechanism that fits against your dog’s throat and easily detects the vibrations caused by nuisance barking. It begins with emitting a continuous alarm sound after the second bark and if barking continues, the collar uses gentle vibration to stop the unwanted behaviour.
    ✅ USE WITH PEACE OF MIND: This electronic, barking control device has been inspected during and post production by an independent, third party inspection agency to ensure that it adheres to the highest quality and safety standards, making it 100% safe for your beloved pet.

  • LESS SCRATCHING & SHEDDING: Nature’s Super Supplement is packed with powerful Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids proven to sooth dry, itchy skin and reduce allergies
    SILKY, SOFT COAT & FUR: Rich source of EPA & DHA helps all dogs and cats to look and feel their best. Your friends will demand to know your secret!
    EASES JOINT PAIN & REDUCES INFLAMMATION: 100% Pure, premium all natural human grade Scottish salmon oil is recommended by vets to naturally relieve painful, swollen joints.