Royal Canin Maxi Puppy

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  • CONTAINS PROTEIN-RICH MEAT, GRAINS AND VEGETABLE COMPONENTS, as well as an exclusive antioxidant complex with vitamin E. This helps and vital to ensure your puppy develops a strong immune system plan and weight management. With the best nature and organic meal bowls mix for your loved pup.
    WITH INCREASED ENERGY CONTENT, as large breed dogs can grow quickly in the first months of life. Each multipack high-quality premium ingredient has been cooked with gentle to make it particularly digestible and nutritious for your dog’s gut flora. All is best from royal canin prime dogfood in bag with complete diet and wellness in pouches.
    THE RECIPE HAS BEEN SPECIALLY DEVELOPED TO MEET THE NEEDS OF GROWING LARGE BREED DOGS 26-44kg, up to 15 months old. It is practically packaged in 140g, making it quick and easy to serve each meal, either as a complete dish or as a topping for dry food. Simply a classic natural delicious menu maintenance for their stomach that offers good and fresh core quality per pouch bites.