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  • REDUCES PET SHEDDING BY UP TO 90% – or more, in minutes, meaning much less time spent vacuuming, leaving more time to spend with your pet(s). ONE SIZE FITS ALL – suitable for all sizes of dogs and cats and, long or short haired, single or double coated. EASY TO STORE – keep one (or two!) for each pet in your home and at work or in the car.
    REMARKABLE QUALITY – SHEDDI de-shedder has a 10cm / 4inches, strong, stainless- steel comb with a protective blade cover for storage. It is built to last with an indestructable, chunky, comfortable handle. You shouldn’t need to buy a replacement from us any time soon.
    REDUCES ALLERGENS – Brushing your pet fur frequently with this SHEDDI de-shedder removes loose dander and hair that hold allergens which may affect you, your family and visitors to your home.