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  • ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS, WITH VITAMINS A&D- Beneficial for the heart, joints, bones, teeth, skin and coat.
    SUPPORT THE HEALTH OF THE SKIN AND COAT- Cod Liver Oil supports the maintenance of healthy skin, and is often used to treat common skin ailments. It can also help to restore the gloss and shine to a dog’s coat.
    UNIQUE SOFT GEL CAPSULES- Our soft gel capsule products are small enough to be concealed in the meal of your pet, and are soft enough to make them difficult to detect. These are the perfect choice for owners who find it difficult to get their pets to swallow hard tablets.

  • SUPPORTS THE MAINTENANCE OF EYE HEALTH- EyeWell Plus for Dogs has been formulated to provide a dog with the nutrients they need to help ensure that their eyesight lasts them a lifetime.
    CONVENIENT SPRINKLE CAPSULE- Although the capsule shell is perfectly safe for consumption by your pet, our sprinkle capsule products can be opened and the contents directly added to your cat or dog’s meal.
    MANUFACTURED IN THE UK- Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) approved for complete quality assurance of the highest standard of manufacturing.