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  • PET COOLING MAT GUARANTEED TO COOL YOUR PETS! – Cools your pets during hot weather/summer. Pet cooling mat is a larger size (90cm x 50cm) fits larger dogs or a puppy. Perfect for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pig and prevents pets overheating or dehydrating. This PET COOLING MAT comes with a 2 year GUARANTEE, full refund provided if you are not satisfied.
    PET SAFE COOL MAT FOR DOGS & PETS, 5-10 DEGREES COLDER! – Non-toxic gel cool pad which is waterproof is cooler than the surrounding temperature for up to 2-3 hours. This COOL MAT FOR DOGS is easy to fold, wear resistant and perfect for use with pet bed, pet crate, pet carrier and in cars, gardens, indoors, kennels. Also perfect to keep your laptop cool.
    DOG COOL MAT THAT IS NON-TOXIC, SELF-COOLING, PRESSURE ACTIVATED gel technology inside the DOG COOL MAT is activated by your dog or cat’s weight allowing their temperature to decrease when they lie on this cool mats. The mat is non-toxic and safe for human and pets. However this product is not suitable for puppies or dogs that chew heavily.