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  • KEEP YOUR PETS BLADDER HEALTHY – If Your Dog Or Cat Has Been Suffering From Repeated Urine Infections, Incontinence, Bladder Control Issues Or Frequent Urination Then You Could Be Looking At The Solution! Our Specially Selected Complex Of Herbs Have Been Chosen For Their Benefits To The Urinary System Of Dogs and Cats
    CLEANSE HARMFUL BACTERIA – Bladder Support For Dogs Provides Welcome Relief For Your Beloved Pet. Our Supplement Includes Cranberry For Dogs and Cats Which Can Flush Unhealthy Bacteria From The Urinary Tract. Meanwhile, Nutrients Such As Marshmallow And Astragalus Act As The Perfect Tonic To Support Kidney Function
    CRUSH FOR CATS & SMALLER DOGS – Our Tablets Are A Yummy Chicken Flavour Meaning You Can Mix In With Food Or Administer Directly And Your Pet Will Think They Are Getting A Treat! Suitable For Your Older Canine Or Puppy, Small, Medium Or Large!