Anicura Natural Dog Spray for dry & itchy skin, eczema, dermatitis & skin allergies Price: £14.99 (as of 14:39 EST- More info) & FREE Shipping.

Natural Spray for itchy & dry skin, irritated skin, eczema, hot spots and other skin allergies
Quickly calms your dog’s skin. Helps to break the itch-scratch cycle and supports the healing process of your dog’s skin.
Anicura Dog Spray will absorb rapidly and deeply into your dog’s skin. If your dog has very sore skin you do not need to rub the spray in as it will absorb by itself.

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Anicura Canine Spray has a confirmed observe file and is our so much efficient answer for canines affected by itchy & aggravated pores and skin, dry pores and skin, sizzling spots, eczema and some other pores and skin prerequisites and asthma. Our merchandise are in response to the main of homeostasis – the concept the frame and pores and skin will in finding its personal stability whether it is given the appropriate nutrients and care. The top quality mix of various natural and Herbal oils, nutrients and minerals, like Sea Buckthorn, Eucalyptus, Sunflower, Aloe Vera, Olive, Lavender, Tea Trea, Rosemary, Peppermint, Grape Seed, Orange, Candy Almond and Safflower, makes this is a phenomenal product to assist regain and deal with each a wholesome pores and skin in addition to a wholesome coat. WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY ABOUT US: Anicura despatched me a path dimension spray of Anicura pores and skin treatment and it had wireless impact. My Canine could continuously lick her pores and skin inflicting it to worsen. When I sprayed my Bedlington Terrier within the effected spaces of eczema it calms the surface down. I used to be involved in regards to the quantity of steroids she used to be taking for her pores and skin issues and Anicura is a wonderful more secure answer. Plus I’ve a contented Canine. – Julie I used to be at my wits finish with my itchy British Bulldog, we feed him a uncooked nutrition and in reality take care of his pores and skin however he simply saved scratching away. I then discovered this product and thank goodness I did! What an important spray, the minute I began the usage of it he stopped itching and now, if he is going to itch, I spray him and he stops. Thank you Anicura! ~ Emma
Herbal Spray for itchy & dry pores and skin, aggravated pores and skin, eczema, sizzling spots and different pores and skin asthma
Temporarily calms your Canine’s pores and skin. Is helping to wreck the itch-scratch cycle and helps the therapeutic means of your Canine’s pores and skin.
Anicura Canine Spray will take in all of a sudden and deeply into your Canine’s pores and skin. In case your Canine has very sore pores and skin you don’t want to rub the spray in as it is going to take in on its own.
Anicura merchandise most effective include the best oils, minerals and nutrients. Appropriate to be used on all pets and on damaged pores and skin. Additionally protected In case your Canine licks the affected pores and skin after making use of Anicura.





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