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Cleaning and Nursing Teeth: toothpaste does not contain foaming and sweeteners. It can effectively clean and remove pet mouth odor, prevent dental disease and dental plaque formation, especially the addition of exquisite bone powder, can alleviate the calcium deficiency of pet teeth. Strong teeth, delaying tooth aging.
Double Headed Toothbrush: big head brush can clean the parts that are easy to clean and the small head brush can clean the parts that big head brush can not clean. The 22cm length design is very easy to use.
Tooth cleaning kit: This product is composed of toothpaste and toothbrush, which can meet the daily needs of pet oral cleaning.

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Pet Toothbrush and Toothpaste Kit

Toothpaste for plaque and contemporary breath.

Material: Beautiful Bone Powder

Target Target audience: Canine,Cats


Height(finger toothbrush):1cm

Length(finger toothbrush):5cm

Weight: 100g

Function: Cleansing Teeth


Finger Brushes: can simply blank the puppy’s mouth stains and micro organism at the tongue.

Warm Tip: it’s not relevant if a little bit little bit of toothpaste is eaten by way of mistake while pets brush their Enamel! However it may be eaten as a snack! Permit your puppy have a wholesome dental.

Cautions: Steer clear of to the touch with eyes. Steer clear of kids. Retailer in a groovy and dry position. Steer clear of direct daylight.

Cautions for puppy toothbrushing:

1. 3 days every week. Use a small quantity of toothpaste to scrub your Enamel in your puppy. Cooperate with this puppy toothpaste to make the canine’s mouth fitter and breath cleanser.

2. Regularly, it’s used after foods or after dangerous breath.

3. For pets, please brush your Enamel as Lightly as imaginable to Steer clear of puppy soreness, particularly within the duration of adjusting Enamel.

Package Come with:

1 x double head toothbrush

1 x finger toothbrush

1 x toothpaste

Cleansing and Nursing Enamel: toothpaste does no longer include foaming and sweeteners. It might successfully blank and dispose of puppy mouth scent, save you dental illness and dental plaque formation, particularly the addition of Beautiful bone powder, can alleviate the calcium deficiency of puppy Enamel. Sturdy Enamel, delaying Enamel growing older.
Double Headed Toothbrush: large head brush can blank the portions which might be simple to scrub and the small head brush can blank the portions that massive head brush can’t blank. The 22cm duration layout is really easy to make use of.
Enamel Cleansing equipment: This product consists of toothpaste and toothbrush, which is able to meet the day by day wishes of puppy oral Cleansing.
Fine quality Fabrics: this product is made from Beautiful bone powder, which is able to alleviate the calcium deficiency of puppy Enamel, tighten Enamel and extend the growing older of Enamel. Appropriate for puppy Enamel.
Directions: in an effort to make your canine settle for this product, please first practice a small quantity of this product for your finger and Permit it odor. Then practice a small quantity of this product on a puppy toothbrush or finger toothbrush. Lightly wipe the back and front aspects of the Enamel among its lips and cheeks. Don’t use human toothpaste. No less than 2-three times every week, the impact is plain.

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