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  • 【Best Value Dog Toys Set】 There are variety dog toy assortment for your dogs, including long rope leg frog cloth dog toy, bacon flavored benebone shape chew toy, long neck plush toy, squeaky rubber bone shape, ball and tree branch puppy chew toys.
    【Great for Dental Health】Chewing is dog’s nature no matter how big your dog is, and dog chew toys help with the urge to chew while helping soothe your pup’s gums and promote clean teeth, helping puppy maintain dental health and redirect bad biting behavior.
    【Safe & High Qaulity Toy】These dog toys are made of soft, non-toxic materials, so you can make your dog play with peace of mind. Durable, bite-resistant, safe and washable.

  • Strong Indestructible Dog Squeaky Toys: We use non-toxic, environmentally friendly natural tough rubber, which will not cause any problems to dogs, and we have upgraded the bite resistance performance to make the rubber stronger and ensure the safety of dogs.
    Outdoor Interactive Dog Toys: We have added a squeaky function in the rubber football. When the product is exercising outdoors, it will stimulate the dog’s nature, make them happier, reduce their anxiety, and make the dog healthier.
    Durable Squeaky Dog Toys for Extreme Chewer: We have upgraded the bite resistance of the product, and have tested it on a variety of dogs, and have kept it intact, such as German Shepherd, Labrador, Golden, Siberian huskies and other large dogs that like to chew.

  • Package:Interactive toys set include durable cotton tug toys, dog flying disc toys, dog rope toy balls, IQ treat ball, funny squeaky toy, rubber bone chew toys.
    Material: This washable puppy chew toys are made of 100% natural cotton fibers and non-toxic rubber to ensure the safety when your pets chewing the toys and help to prevent gum disease during playtime
    Cleaning: Doggies get teeth cleaning, gums massage and stress relief by chewing these toys, help to redirect bad biting behavior

  • [High Quality] Made of high strength cotton yarn, strong pulling force, bright color, no lint, smooth and no noise, environmental protection. All parts are made of soft and durable natural rubber and 100% natural cotton fiber, environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic.
    [Strong and Durable] High speed knitting machines and 32-axis high speed knitting machines with good density and exquisite products. Made from extra thick ropes and reinforced joints for optimum bite resistance. Durable and tough even under heavy loads. 100% ecologically sustainable, no dyes, so it is non-toxic to dogs and the environment.
    [Healthy Teeth and Gums] For chewing, biting, pulling, throwing, playing etc. Suitable for dental care and muscle training. All parts can be cleaned, hygienic and clean. Suitable for small and medium dogs and puppies

  • Interactive with your Dog Outdoor: This enrichment toys for dogs can help to release the dog’s pressure as well as cultivate your dog’s trust and understanding. Strengthen the bond between you and your lovely pet. Also, it can be used as a dog fetch play toys for outdoor games, help your love’s intelligence improving.
    Durable Rubber Dog Chew Toys: Made of natural durable classic red rubber which is non-toxic, eco-friendly, chewproof, safe, soft and elastic, provides an erratic bounce for fetch and chase fun that’s great for chew sessions. Almost undestructable.
    Great Treat Dispenser and Stuffing: The treat dispensing dog toys is designed with a hollow sphere in which food can be placed to attract the dog’s attention and appetite, keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated during mealtime. And fill the Denta-Ridges with easy treat or peanut butter to extend playtime and satisfy chewing instincts.

  • Soft rubber massages gums and teeth
    Perfect for games of fetch
    Ideal for larger breeds

  • Durable material: these dog toys are made of TPR and cotton cloth, which are non-toxic and have long service time
    Size: puppy teething toy is approx. 20 x 6 cm/ 7.87 x 2.36 inches, the ball diameter is approx. 6 cm, which are suitable for small and medium dogs, lightweight and easy to carry around
    Teeth cleaning: there are many convex on the surface of these chewing toys that help massage the dog’s gums, improve the dog’s dental condition, and reduce food staying on the teeth

  • This toy uses the AA battery (unincluded)as the power.
    Playing toy can help dogs to relieve the pressure and get more exercise.
    Adopting the rubber to make, it has a soft and comfortable touch while is resistant to bite.

  • JW Isqueak Ball is made from thick natural rubber
    This ideal material to calm the urge to chew dogs and coupled with a squeaker
    This ball will be quickly adopted by your ball of hair

  • Dog Bone Toy.
    From Ultra Durable Rubber.
    The ends of the bone have perfectly suited for filling with treats.

  • 🐩【Best Dog Toy Set】1*Dog Rubber Ball- Made by durable rubber, good elasticity, bite resistant and nontoxic; 1*Rubber Bone-Grind and clean teeth, sawtooth antiskid surface design, effectively help to clean your dog’s teeth;2*Dog Rope Toy-safe and non-toxic cotton material, Three-needle sewing, knot encryption.If you are passionate About quality, our toys will be your best choice!
    🐩【Quality Assurance】Wimypet dog chew toys are hand build, made from 100% cotton, non toxic and environmentally friendly. It is tough, can survive with Intense plays and strong weather resistance will not mold. It is also easy to clean and can be washed by washing machine.Our dog rubber chew toys Extracted from pure natural rubber, non-toxic and has a certain effect on cleaning teeth.
    🐩【Healthy Tooth Cleaner】 Weaving chew toys help to cleanse the hidden dirt in the dog’s teeth and train the bite force by touching the friction when your dog chews, effectively promoting the healthy growth of teeth and gums.The elastic ball and rubber bone have a serrated anti-skid surface design, which can effectively help clean the dog’s teeth when the dog’s teeth are stuck in.

  • PERFECT CHOICE FOR YOUR DOG’S HEALTH: Biting and chewing everything always makes us worry about your beloved pets. Therefore, we have brought you ZENDIX Dog Chew Toy – a new innovation for cleaning your dogs’ teeth and keep your dog’s breath stay good.
    WIDE RANGE USED FOR MOST OF DOGS: ZENDIX Dog Chew Toy for puppies and large breed is made of durable rubber which is designed with two layers of granular surfaces. Our new toy includes one granular ball connected to a suction cup that can be easily fixed on a smooth surface.
    SOLUTION FOR DOGS’ BAD BEHAVIORS: With ZENDIX Dog Chew Toy, now you will never have to worry about your dogs biting and chewing everything in the house when you are not at home, which will gradually make your dog more docile. This special chew toy will also be your pet’s best friend as well as help him relieve stress and anxiety.