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  • 🍗 【Harmless and durable】 Made of high quality cotton, ASTM F-963 plastic safety certificate for children without plastic, durable, long lasting, hard and soft, which allows your dog to entertain for hours and protect your dog from toys defective
    🍗【Keep the dog away from loneliness】. Toy sets can firm up your dog’s anxiety, strengthen intimacy with his owner, and effectively stop misconduct.
    🍗【[Preventing tooth diseases】. During the chewing period of pets, it is possible to clean the teeth and reduce the accumulation of tartar.

  • Extra tough rubber ball which is great for chewers and perfect for fetch!
    Made from natural rubber and rice husks and so is free from harmful additives
    Howls and whistles when thrown so easy to track and locate

  • [High Quality] Made of high strength cotton yarn, strong pulling force, bright color, no lint, smooth and no noise, environmental protection. All parts are made of soft and durable natural rubber and 100% natural cotton fiber, environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic.
    [Strong and Durable] High speed knitting machines and 32-axis high speed knitting machines with good density and exquisite products. Made from extra thick ropes and reinforced joints for optimum bite resistance. Durable and tough even under heavy loads. 100% ecologically sustainable, no dyes, so it is non-toxic to dogs and the environment.
    [Healthy Teeth and Gums] For chewing, biting, pulling, throwing, playing etc. Suitable for dental care and muscle training. All parts can be cleaned, hygienic and clean. Suitable for small and medium dogs and puppies

  • Material: The suction toy dog cup is made of non-toxic high-density rubber ball, the rope is Wear-resistant and indestructible.
    Keep Healthy: The soft spiky ball promotes your dog’s oral health by providing gentle brush and massage to the teeth and gums. It also works as a slow feeder or treats dispenser, which helps your dog build healthy eating habits and reduce gas.
    Occasions: It can sturdy adhere to the smooth floor, door and glasses. This toy can also be used outdoors on flat ground.

  • 【Safe and Non-Toxic Material】:Made of 100% natural cotton fiber,non-toxic, which are very healthy and safety for your pets. durable, long lasting, hard and soft, which allows your dog to entertain for hours and protect your dog from toys defective.
    【Teeth Cleaning】: It can improve your dog’s dental health by cleaning their teeth, massaging gums, reducing plaque build-up, as well as preventing tooth disease.
    【Create a close relationship between you and your dog】: including puppy toys, interactive toys, dog chew toys, dog rope toys, squeaky ball, various forms to meet dog chewing needs to ease boredom, Keep the dog away from loneliness. let them focus on tug-of-war competition, reduce tartar, clean dog’s teeth stains, and effectively stop misconduct. Best dog toy gift for indoor and outdoor interactive play.

  • Great for teeth and gums
    Colours Vary

  • Safety First: The chew play ball is made by 100% natural Durable rubber (Thermo-Plastic-Rubber,TPR) with a light mint scent which will easily attract your dog’s attention. The no harmful material ensure your dog can play and chew it safely , and easy to clean
    Stronger Rope: We have thickened & strengthened the rope than any others so that the rope is not easy to be broken, no matter if your dog is a big one or a puppy
    Tooth Cleaning & Feeding: The rubber chew ball have sawtooth antiskid surface design, fit the tooth shape of dog, effectively help to clean your dog’s teeth, keep their teeth strong and conducive to massage the gums. Fill the dog chew toys ball with your dog’s favorite treats or food and it’ll spill out while playing

  • 100% SAFE MATERIAL – Made of non-toxic and durable cotton, in heavy-duty construction, environmental pollution-free, safe to play alone
    COLORFUL AND FUN – Containing 12 most popular dog toys for small dogs: giraffe, bear, carrot, rope ball, tug rope, two-knot rope, flying saucer rope, spinose loop toy, Y shape rope, 8-sharped rope, etc.
    DENTAL CLEANING – Doggies can get teeth cleaning, gums massage and stress relief by chewing these ropes, keep them strong and healthy