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  • ACE – All Canine Equipment offers this product as and ideal compliment for puppies, training dogs, or just a chew toy
    NONTOXIC MATERIAL : the product is made by extra-tough rubber, good elasticity, bite-resistant and nontoxic,non-abrasive,safe for your dog grinding and cleaning their teeth.
    MORE ENTERTAINMENT: Perfect for fetch and interaction with your dog.You can add food or treats into the grooves and this can keep them busy for hours.

  • Non-Toxic Rubber Ball: Food Grade Tpr Environmental Protection Material, With Elasticity, Wear Resistance And Toughness, Non-Toxic And Harmless, Even If It Is Swallowed By A Dog, It Can Be Excreted Normally.
    The Size And Color Of Dog Bite Resistant Bouncy Ball: Large 10 Cm (Diameter), Suitable For Large Dogs, Medium 8 Cm (Diameter), Suitable For Medium Dogs, Small 6 Cm (Diameter), Suitable For Small Dogs, Yellow, Blue And Green Are Available.
    Tooth Cleaningspiky Ball : Elastic Thorns Can Stretch 24 Mm, Help Clean Pets’Teeth And Prevent Plaque And Tartar Build Up. Special Design Dog Chewing Toy Ball : Which Can Be Stuffed With Pet Snack. Your Pets Will Accept This Toy Easily And Get More Surprise While Playing.

  • LED LIGHTS & MOVING MODES – With the best self-moving pet playmate, you will no longer worry about loved pets to chew on coach/sofa and damage furniture thanks to moving ball of 3 colors of LED lights, including red, green and blue with various flashing modes. Not to mention the moving modes of random jumping and running which can be wireless remote controlled. Your pets can exercise mentally and physically.
    100% AUTONOMOUS ENERGY SAVER – Cat toys for indoor cats automatically play for 30 Min and Rest for 10 Min. Powered by USB rechargeable cable(Included), this magic roller can provide 360 degree rotating entertainment time for your cute dogs and cats indoor/outdoor even when you are not at home.
    DURABLE & WATERPROOF – Dog toys indestructible 2020 latest version of indestructible boredom buster for small/ medium/ large breeds of energetic cats and dogs even aggressive chewers to chew and scratch. With the unique design of the hard-inner shell and soft exterior TPE, there?s no need to worry about your pets puncturing and destroying the ball.

  • 100% NATURAL RUBBER These products are made from 100% natural rubber which makes them extremely durable for your pet.
    SAFE DURABLE MATERIALS The Dog Toothbrush is very well manufactured and is easy to clean with a little soap and water between uses. The Dog Treat Ball is also manufactured to a high standard and holds the treats securely allowing your dog to play and is great for mental stimulation and also brushes your dogs teeth. Both products are extremely durable and the soft rubber will not hurt your puppy’s teeth or gum, non-toxic and safe.
    SAFE DURABLE MATERIALS The Dog Toothbrush is very well manufactured and is easy to clean with a little soap and water between uses. The Dog Treat Ball is also manufactured to a high standard and holds the treats securely allowing your dog to play and is great for mental stimulation and also brushes your dogs teeth. Both products are extremely durable and the soft rubber will not hurt your puppy’s teeth or gum, non-toxic and safe.

  • Feeder toys: Pets meet hunting instincts by reducing boredom and destructive behavior through healthy play and exercise.
    Slow eating: When pets play balls, snacks will fall, slowing down eating and helping digestion.
    Additional features: In addition to snacks, bells, glowing balls, etc. can be added to attract the pets attention.

  • Rubber pimple ball with bell 60mm
    Made from durable solid rubber
    Assorted primary colours

  • Medium solid rubber ball 60mm
    Made from durable solid rubber
    Assorted primary colours

  • Safe Material: Be made of environmentally friendly non-toxic natural rubber, no harm to your pet, bright colors give increased visibility and helps prevent balls from getting lost
    Multifunction: Squeaky dog toys ball could distract your dog’s attention, relieve stree, release excess energy, keep your dog mental and spirit healthy
    Suitable Size: It is about 15x7cm, small and lightweight, easy to carry when you go out with your dog, it is convenient for you to use toys to interact with the dog

  • [High Quality] Made of high strength cotton yarn, strong pulling force, bright color, no lint, smooth and no noise, environmental protection. All parts are made of soft and durable natural rubber and 100% natural cotton fiber, environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic.
    [Strong and Durable] High speed knitting machines and 32-axis high speed knitting machines with good density and exquisite products. Made from extra thick ropes and reinforced joints for optimum bite resistance. Durable and tough even under heavy loads. 100% ecologically sustainable, no dyes, so it is non-toxic to dogs and the environment.
    [Healthy Teeth and Gums] For chewing, biting, pulling, throwing, playing etc. Suitable for dental care and muscle training. All parts can be cleaned, hygienic and clean. Suitable for small and medium dogs and puppies

  • Dog Toys Almost Indestructible: We have upgraded the bite resistance of the product, and have tested it on a variety of dogs, and have kept it intact, such as Siberian huskies, Labrador, German Shepherd, Golden and other large dogs that like to chew.
    Dog Toys for Boredom: We use tough rubber, which will not cause any problems to dogs, and we have upgraded the bite resistance performance to make the rubber stronger and ensure the quality of dogs.
    Durable Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers: We have added a squeaky function in the rubber. When the product is exercising outdoors, the dog bites them hard, it will make a sound, which makes the dog more excited, reduce their anxiety, and make the dog healthier.

  • 【UNIQUE UFO & 100% NATURAL RUBBER】 Made from high dense pp plastic ,the circle edges is made with soft rubber, which is gentle on your dog’s gums, it is bite resistant and durable. Some dogs can chip off small pieces or leave teeth marks, it’s normal.
    【LEAK HOLES DESIGN FOR SLOWER HEALTHIER FEEDING】 Leak holes with different sizes, fill with your dog’s favorite treats, promote active and healthy slow feeding habit, as your dog plays and the rolls the ball, treats will fall out to reward them for being active.
    【EMOTIONAL INTERACTION & KILL BOREDOM TIME】 This food-dispensing dog toy keeps dogs occupied & mentally stimulated for long periods of time, reduce destructive behavior. Frisbee games enhances interaction with dogs and improve interests, it will increase emotion with your pet.

  • 【2020 NEW MODEL】 The pet leaking food ball is made from high dense PP plastic ,the circle edges is made with food grade nylon, the dogs can pass safely if eat some,makes the dog food dispenser ball toy more bite resistant and durable,which can resist the bite of dog chewers.
    【MULTI-FUNCTIONAL】The pet feeder toy is yummy and fun. It can be used as a food dispenser and a self-playing pet treat toy. Suitable for dogs and cats in different size.You can even put small light ball or little jingle bell into it to attract your pets for playing.
    【IQ TRAINING TOY】Interactive dog puzzle helps develop your dog’s intellectual skills, get your puppy a fashion food leakage toy to replace those normal rubber toys and chew sticks.

  • Durable material: these dog toys are made of TPR and cotton cloth, which are non-toxic and have long service time
    Size: puppy teething toy is approx. 20 x 6 cm/ 7.87 x 2.36 inches, the ball diameter is approx. 6 cm, which are suitable for small and medium dogs, lightweight and easy to carry around
    Teeth cleaning: there are many convex on the surface of these chewing toys that help massage the dog’s gums, improve the dog’s dental condition, and reduce food staying on the teeth

  • 😺【Durable Material】Made by high quality ABS and polycarbonate so the toy is strong,no-toxicand and easy to clean, with professional anti-bite material, can resist biting by large dogs. Suitable for pets with any size.
    😺【Healthy Feeding】Fill the UFO dog treat ball with your dog’s favorite treats, promoting active and healthy slow feeding,as your dog plays and the rolls the toy ball, treats will fall out to reward them for being active. Your dog can get better exercise in this way. The toy slows down feeding to help aid with digestion and bloating.
    😺【Effectively Improve Pet’s IQ】Easy to play, pet will get treat reward with a nudge. Pet will learn how to play it by himself, which helping to effectively increase dog’s IQ.It has multiple uses, can make pets reduce boring time and reduce anxiety. The flying saucer has a creative flying saucer shape, which can play by itself and interact with the outdoor owner.

  • Cats who love to play will love this cat tunnel, which matches the cat’s natural drill.
    When you are not playing, you can pack it up and not occupy your space.
    A ball can be hung in the middle of the tunnel to increase the fun of the cat.

  • Treat Dispenser Toy – Filling the dog chew toys ball with your dog’s favorite treats or food and it’ll spill out while playing. It develop and maintain your dog’s physical alertness. Fun and ease the mood.
    Safe Rubber Material – Made of durable, non-toxic rubber that is good elasticity, non-abrasive. It ensures your dog playing and chewing it safely. Easy to clean.
    Creative Cutout Design – This design of this ball dog toy allows pets to breathe when it is carried in their mouths, it can effectively help clean their teeth and keep their gums healthy.

  • ⚽Rubber material — The dog toy ball is made of natural rubber, which is safe and non-toxic, and the material is soft, which can be used by dogs with confidence. 8cm is suitable for puppy and large dogs.
    ⚽Interactive puzzle dog toys ball — Dog toys can increase your interaction and puzzle training with your dog, train your dog’s reaction ability and jumping ability, and release your dog’s energy. Dogs can also cleaning dog teeth while chewing dog toys ball.
    ⚽Food ball toys — Pour food or snacks that dogs like in dog toys. There are three fan-shaped compartments inside the dog toy ball. When the dog chews and shakes the dog toy ball, the dog food will slowly pour out, increasing the dog’s search. Eating fun helps dogs slow down their diet to develop good habits.

  • ➤SAFE AND DURABLE: Safe and non-toxic PVC material, built-in 0.5cm thick high-strength compression wood board, make the whole pool more durable and not collapse! When using, please ensure that the water of the pool is at least 60%-80%.
    ➤NON-SLIP BOTTOM: The interior of the pool is non-slip design, with internal bumps to prevent pets from slipping when taking a bath! To prevent your pet’s nails from scratching the pool too sharply, please trim the nails before using the pool.
    ➤CONVENIENT STORAGE: Just need a few seconds to open and fold easily! Send with a free storage bag, for carrying! when the pool is not in use, please dry it in time, then put it into the storage bag! Easy to store and carry, when outdoors or traveling.

  • Interesting Flash: The ball will glow when it be hit, and lasts 12 seconds, which will attract the attention of the dog. Even in the dark ,your dog could play with the flashing ball happily as the flashing could tell the dog where it is
    Durable: The pet ball is made of high quality rubber material shaped in diamond and can play with your pet for a long time. Suitable to play with in the yard, home, park, or shore
    Bright Colors: Bright ball can attract the attention of the pet better. It’s a beautiful gift for your lovely pets

  • 【SAFE MATERIAL】:Made from food-grade TPR materials,environmental friendly,no harm to your love pet,Suitable for dogs to play/chew.
    【FLEXIBLE DESIGNED】:Designed with the suction cup,put the toy on the ground and suction cup will adhere to the floor,let the dog bite the ball on the other side,play it by themselves,so your pet don’t feel bored.
    【CLEANING TEETH TOYS】:Elastic and bite-resistant chew toy could be a play ball or a tooth cleaning toy for dog,helps remove plaque and tartar,reduces bacterial growth,keep teeth clean and fresh breath.Promote molars and health.

  • Premium Quality: We pay special attention to the dogs’ health and safety. The top part of the dog ball toy is made from natural durable rubber material and the bottom part is made by plastic , which is non toxic, soft, resilient and bite resistant for your dog’s grinding and cleaning their teeth. It is designed to help clean teeth and massage gums while dogs chewing.
    Adorable Squeaky Toy Balls: The toy will make a sound when the dogs step on it, the sound is short and sharp,roll it or shake it,non stop squeaky, excite dogs curious to chasing. Also,with the arc shape at toy’s bottem,when the dog chase or chew or kick,the toy sways left and right , increasing the fun of the toy. The squeaker ball is ideal for dogs who love to chase and chew squeaky toys.
    Fun & Exercise & Interactive:The dog can use the toy as a frisbee,can interact with the owner to play. Your dog moves, shakes, kicks, grips,rocks, and rolls when he keeps himself busy with this interactive ball ,which can enrich the dog’s daily workout to keep them active and healthy. Any unwanted or destructive behavior caused by boredom like tearing your shoes,bags, household furniture, appliances & cords will also be avoided because he’ll be always be occupied.