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  • BETTER THAN WILD and FARMED SALMON OIL: Richer source of EPA and DHA. Promotes mobility and maintains active joints
    PURE AND NATURAL. Wild caught, human grade. No additives or preservatives.
    SIMPLE-TO-USE LIQUID: Mixes easily with your pet’s food. Dogs and cats love it.

  • 100% Natural and Pure Brewers Yeast, Complete Feed for Dogs, Cats and Horses without any additives
    Provides important minerals, including sodium, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium
    Based on beer yeast, minerals and vitamins and perfect to maintain the coat, nails, and skin of your pet in normal conditions

  • ✔️100% Natural Cat and Dog Vitamins
    ✔️Developed by veterinarians including stabilised vitamin C and other antioxidants to make sure that your pet stays healthy and active
    ✔️Contains 13 Natural Vitamins and 11 Minerals and Barley Grass, Acerola and Acai

  • Designed to help pets of all sizes look and feel great, to reduce itching and reduce dry skin
    Packed with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids derived from EPA and DHA, all-natural nutrients help to keep animal coats soft while supporting overall health
    The rich fatty acids found in our Pure Salmon Oil have been shown to support joint function and immune system health

  • 100% natural calcium from red seaweed
    Red seaweed (lithothamnium) is composed of a wide variety of body essential nutrients
    Superior to bone meal, which can be difficult for dogs, cats and other animals to Fully digest

  • 🐕 PREMIUM PET HEART CARE 🐈 – Would you like to help care for your pet’s heart? Animigo crafted this Heart Health support supplement to help support pets with their heart and wellbeing, using natural ingredients and vitamins to ensure your pet enjoys the best life and health! Our supplements meet the needs of pets whether they are a puppy, kitten, cat or dog to get the vitamins and minerals they just don’t get in normal food on its own.
    🐈 HIGH STRENGTH, NATURAL INGREDIENTS 🐕 These natural pet supplements use the best pure, natural ingredients, and is packed with healthy molecules to help your pets cardiovascular system. Our supplements contain L-Carnitine, Taurine, Co-Q10 and Vitamin E. These capsules improve heart health to pump blood around their body which delivers oxygen & nutrients to the cells so your pet can be at peak performance all the time.
    🐕 ESSENTIAL VITAMINS AND CO-ENZYME Q10 🐈 Higher levels of Co-Enzyme Q10 have been linked to a higher level of ‘good’ cholesterol which is great for pet heart health. It also plays a role in helping your pets’ body create energy for stimulating muscles. Research suggests lower levels of CoQ10 can make your pet more prone to heart disease, so increasing these levels reduces the risk.

  • Joint health support
    Flexibility care
    Hip mobility maintenance

    £12.00 £9.49
  • HEMP TRUST-our pet’s hemp seed oil is made of certified hemp seed farm which ensures highest quality grade. Our hemp seed oil is GMO FREE, no added colours, no pesticides, no additives. 100% natural and certified for MSDS (material safety data sheet) and is FDA approved.
    HEMP OIL BENEFITS – It has a unique blend of omega 3 -6 and 9 oils unavailable in any other plant.
    HEMP OIL FEATURES – The Organic formula hemp oil provides more mobility, gives more energy.

  • There are no artificial flavours or colours
    Dry Dog Food Original Complete Adult
    Contains Prebiotic FOS

  • KEEP YOUR PETS BLADDER HEALTHY – If Your Dog Or Cat Has Been Suffering From Repeated Urine Infections, Incontinence, Bladder Control Issues Or Frequent Urination Then You Could Be Looking At The Solution! Our Specially Selected Complex Of Herbs Have Been Chosen For Their Benefits To The Urinary System Of Dogs and Cats
    CLEANSE HARMFUL BACTERIA – Bladder Support For Dogs Provides Welcome Relief For Your Beloved Pet. Our Supplement Includes Cranberry For Dogs and Cats Which Can Flush Unhealthy Bacteria From The Urinary Tract. Meanwhile, Nutrients Such As Marshmallow And Astragalus Act As The Perfect Tonic To Support Kidney Function
    CRUSH FOR CATS & SMALLER DOGS – Our Tablets Are A Yummy Chicken Flavour Meaning You Can Mix In With Food Or Administer Directly And Your Pet Will Think They Are Getting A Treat! Suitable For Your Older Canine Or Puppy, Small, Medium Or Large!

  • Higher levels of omega 3 and glucosamine will benefit older/larger dogs
    Maintains pain-free mobile joints in older dogs and larger dogs
    Helps maintain and build cartilage

  • RELIEF! Ease painful allergy and itching symptoms with ingredients that work together to help provide relief and get your happy dog back to you – fish oil, peas, vitamin E & vitamin A all have anti-inflammatory properties – Zinc lowers histamine release which is the cause of allergy symptoms – Magnesium in sweet potato calms the nervous system preventing secondary anxiety itching symptoms.
    UNIQUE BLEND OF INGREDIENTS! Help repair skin cells & give your dog an immunity boost to defend against attack by allergies and pathogens – Freshly prepared salmon & trout provide protein for repairing cells – Antioxidants in sweet potato, peas and vitamin E help repair skin cells – Zinc and Biotin help produce and grow skin cells – Omega 3 & 6 from fish and egg supports immune health – Vitamin A boosts the immune system
    SKIN & COAT HELP! The 5 main ingredients are salmon, sweet potato, potato, peas and trout (with the number one ingredient being freshly prepared salmon) and are made with zero grain or gluten – making them the perfect treats for dogs suffering from allergies and skin problems.

  • A COMPLEX JOINT AID SUPPLEMENT FOR DOGS & CATS. Each tablet is formulated with a synergistic blend of nutrients designed specifically for supporting the health of your pet’s joints. – repairing lost cartilage, lowering inflammation, and protecting against degeneration and damage to joint tissue.
    FOR PAIN RELIEF & IMPROVED JOINT MOBILITY. Cats and dogs also experience pain and a loss of mobility in the joints. This formula contains many of the same compounds known for their ability to care for joint pain and improve mobility.
    GREAT FLAVOR FOR DOGS & CATS. Each tablet comes with a delicious chicken flavour – making it easy (and tasty!) for your furry friend to take their supplements.

  • Supplementing your dog’s diet with Brewers Yeast
    Excellent source of all the major B vitamins (except B12)
    Also contains other vitamins, sixteen amino acids and 14 or more minerals

  • SUPERIOR FORMULATION: Our best skin and coat supplement for dogs on the market. Veterinarian formulated with a combination of powerful fish and vegetable oils, essential fatty acids, Omegas, vitamins and star flower oil providing 22% GLA. Safe and all-natural ingredients with essential nutrients to fight skin related conditions such as dry skin, hot spots, excessive shedding and much more, resulting in a silky, hydrated and shiny, healthy coat
    MAXIMUM PROTECTION FOR YOUR PET: Our dog skin and coat formula protects and heals dry skin, and it also calms sensitive skin, reduces itching and excessive moulting. Offers protection against bacterial and fungal infections, fleas, ticks or lice. It also has a MAJOR BENEFIT in improving the immune system; reduces any inflammatory reactions
    KEEP YOUR DOG HEALTHY: Rich in Omega-3 fish oil, our Skin & Coat is packed with Omega 3 6, and 9 nourishing fatty acids which aid in hydrating your dog’s skin for a soft shiny coat; provides healthy heart support; reduced allergy symptoms; optimum brain function, and boosts immunity, ensuring your dog stays healthy and looks great

  • ✅ BEST QUALITY FROM GERMANY – manufactured, tested and certified in Germany according to the strictest TÜV and ISO standards. The raw materials we use are all human grade, because quality is our top priority. We care!
    ✅ OPTIMAL COMBINATION – Dog joint supplement with glucosamine sulphate, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, high MSM dosage, devil’s claw, ginger, turmeric and bromelain. Contains important vitamins such as vitamin B (vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12), vitamin C, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid and biotin. Most other joint supplements for dogs only use a fraction of our ingredients.
    ✅ BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE: Joint aids are one of the most important supplements for dogs. Enhance and extend your dog’s quality of life and mobility. Old dogs also need a lot of excercise to be happy.

  • AIDS DOGS’ DIGESTIVE SYSTEMS: Don’t let your pooch suffer any longer with digestive health issues. This probiotic dietary supplement by Furever Friendz will help ease your dog’s stomach pains. It helps provide relief from bloating, gas, gastrointestinal disease, constipation, incontinence, and diarrhea, thanks to its high CFU count. Each scoop provides approximately 3 billion CFUs!
    12 STRAINS OF HEALTHY BACTERIA: This probiotic powdered formula contains 12 strains of beneficial bacteria to help correct your dog’s gut. You’ll find L. Acidophilus, E. Faecium, L. Rhamnosus, L. Plantarum, B. Bifidum, B. Longum, B. Breve, L. Casei, B. Coagulans, B. Lactis, S. Thermophilus, and L. Fermentum inside. These probiotics combine in this nutritional snack to promote good digestive health for dogs.
    DELICIOUS TASTE: What dog can resist the delicious savoury flavour of chicken? Delight your pup with our delectable probiotic dietary supplement. It tastes good, and it’s good for their digestive health! What could get better? To use, compare your dog’s weight with the chart on the back of the container. Once you’ve determined the proper amount, just sprinkle it over wet or dry food before meals.

  • A POPULAR SUPPLEMENT – Troo Health Cranberry contains the American cranberry – Vaccinium macrocarpon and has become increasingly popular as a food supplement, especially amongst women.
    EASY TO SWALLOW – Troo Health’s Cranberry Tablets provide a convenient, easy to take, daily supplement with 5000 mg Cranberries in each tablet.
    ALLERGEN FREE – Free from all common allergens, including gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs, fish, crustaceans, molluscs, soy, sesame, celery and mustard. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

  • Supports adrenal gland health and functioning
    Promotes balance in the pituitary gland
    Encourages strong skin and a healthy coat

  • POWERFUL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS + PREMIUM JOINT HEALTH SUPPORT: ~ High levels of 3 proven joint support ingredients: Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM for dogs. Glucosamine supports the body’s natural inflammation processes. Chondroitin a key component of healthy cartilage that helps keep joints cushioned and mobile. MSM for Dogs is a potent antioxidant which supports cell structure & joints and may assist with aches, stiffness and soreness. PLUS Vitamin C & Vitamin E for overall skin & coat health
    SAFE & EFFECTIVE NATURALLY DERIVED FORMULA ~ Naturally Derived Ingredients you can TRUST with no harmful ingredients in our dog treats. Perfect for all dog breeds: small dogs, medium dogs or large breed dogs both Young and Old. Great for active Working Dogs or Older and Stiffer dogs – Puppies can benefit too by giving them early on!
    GET YOUR DOG LOVING WALKS ~ It’s so important that your dog enjoys walking, jumping and play time! And that they are able to keep up with you on their walks without lagging behind. Daily use of DakPets Hip & Joint will keep your dog on its feet and enjoying life! It aids stiff joints, supports your dog’s hips and joint structure, plus it maintains energy and active mobility