xxxl dog bed

Our furry best friends come in all shapes and sizes. The xxxl dog bed are large enough to cater for any size dog and will ensure you create the perfect snoozing, doggy dozing, snuggle pet bed possible. Each dog bed is carefully designed with comfort in mind.


More about xxxl dog beds

It can often be difficult to find beds suitable for the larger of dog breeds. Our huge range of extra large dog beds include plastic dog beds that are more durable for dogs that like to chew, extra large dog beds for our larger friends to raised dog beds for keeping your dog out of those drafty areas and up higher for extra warmth and comfort.

Whether it be a stylish and luxury dog bed, a dog sofa, a plastic dog bed, or a memory foam mattress we got everything your dog could ever need. And let’s face it sleeping is what our dogs do best!

Many of the extra large dog beds are machine washable with removable covers that are durable and keep their shape after being washed in the machine.

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