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  • Special combo for your pets – 3x blue + 3x transparent finger toothbrushes, suitable for up to 6 pets using at same time. The 6x fingerbrushes can also be devided into 3 pairs (1x blue + 1x transparent) according to actual requirement
    Special treatment for your pets – we recommend regular teeth cleaning to your pets for improvement of dental quality. Keeping your pet(s) from plague and tartar, bad breath, tooth decay, and cavities
    Special care for your pets, even your kids – FDA/LFGB/EN71 passed. the soft silicone brush is well used for teeth and tongue cleaning and the convex grains at the other side have the health care effect of massaging the oral cavity

  • For fresh breath

  • Cleaning and Nursing Teeth: toothpaste does not contain foaming and sweeteners. It can effectively clean and remove pet mouth odor, prevent dental disease and dental plaque formation, especially the addition of exquisite bone powder, can alleviate the calcium deficiency of pet teeth. Strong teeth, delaying tooth aging.
    Double Headed Toothbrush: big head brush can clean the parts that are easy to clean and the small head brush can clean the parts that big head brush can not clean. The 22cm length design is very easy to use.
    Tooth cleaning kit: This product is composed of toothpaste and toothbrush, which can meet the daily needs of pet oral cleaning.

  • [New Design] The dog toothbrush toy have Light fragrance that your pets will more love use it. It will help to grind away plaque and loosen tartar in hard to reach places, oral Care.
    [ Safe Raw Material] The dog toothbrush made from natural rubber that it is Non-toxic, tasteless, high-strength, tear-resistant, flame retardant. It not only protect your pets, but also resolve the problem of easy to broken.
    [Multifunction] This Dog toothbrush is a must have for dog owners who want healthy & clean dogs with clean teeth! The dog toothbrush not only clean the dog’s tooth, but also can chewing and training for the dog. The dog toothbrush can give a healthy Oral cavity for your pets dog and it is good toy with your pets dog.

  • ★ Material and PET Safety ★ – Dog toothbrush stick is made of natural rubber, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Soft texture, suitable for your dog’s gums, prevents damage to the dog’s gums, helps them clean their teeth, and protects them from oral diseases. Stronger and won’t be chewed easily.
    ★ 360 degree cleaning ★ – This dog brushing stick has bristles on all four sides. Squeeze the toothpaste into the hole in the top of the dog’s toothbrush stick and the toothpaste will flow out of the 6 holes, which will help the pet to deeply clean the teeth and let your dog chew the toothbrush under the watch for 3-5 minutes.
    ★ Long life ★ – The toothbrush stick is strong enough to resist biting the dog and chewing. It has better quality, longer life and better materials than other similar products.

  • A specially formulated beef flavoured toothpaste which helps to prevent plaque build-up, designed to promote healthy teeth and gums
    Cleans and cares for your dog’s teeth, reducing the chances of disease
    Instantly leaves breath smelling fresh – say goodbye to that nasty bad breath

  • MATERIAL: Liquid silicone pet toothbrush, safe and non-toxic
    SIZE: Total length is about 5.5 cm, 2.3 cm in diameter, brush length is about 2 cm
    REUSABLE: Reusable pet toothbrush, but recommend to be changed a month

  • Pleasant flavour toothpaste
    Pleasant flavour eases dental hygiene
    Helps prevent plaque

  • Included in this Smart Bundle Money Saver are:
    VIRBAC ENZYMATIC TOOTHPASTE (70g) – Chicken Flavoured Highly palatable formula based on the patented CET ( C.E.T. ) enzymatic system Actively enhances the natural defence mechanisms of the mouth Suitable for dogs and cats
    SMART FINGER TOOTHBRUSHES (twin-pack) – Well accepted by dogs and puppies Allows gentle brushing and massage of gums and teeth Reusable Regular use reduces tartar and plaque formation

  • 🔎SAFE MATERIAL: Thalas dog toothbrush is made of cream flavor food-grade 100% natural rubber, non-toxic, FDA certified, BPA free. Safe to your baby dogs’ health.
    🔎TEETH BRUSHING BY DOGS: You my feel bored cleaning your dogs’ teeth. Also dogs hate being teeth brushed. With our cream flavor dog chew toothbrush, your dog likes the taste and play with it to brush their teeth by themselves.
    🔎360 DEGREE BRUSHING:The durable and aligned bristles inside the brush help clean dental plaque which hides in the dead corner, remove it and prevent decay. Rubber granular cleaner outside the brush can be used to massage your baby dog, she (he) can also crew them to clean teeth.

  • Brighten & whiten your dog’s teeth, and freshen his breath.
    Enzymatic toothpaste is formulated with baking soda to neutralise odours
    Fight tartar and combat bad breath for up to 24hrs

  • Beaphar Toothpaste 100g is fantastic dual action toothpaste that is excellent for maintaining good oral hygiene in your pet.
    Specially formulated for dogs in a readily accepted meaty flavour, this toothpaste helps to strengthen your pet’s teeth while special enzymes work to break down plaque and tartar build up.
    Also containing chlorophyll, this outstanding toothpaste actively combats bad breath by absorbing nasty oral odours.

  • ✅ COMPLETE PET DENTAL CARE – Our Veterinarian Designed Pet Smile Kit – Full Dental System
    ✅ 100G BEEF FLAVOURED ENZYMATIC TOOTHPASTE – Formulated to be safe, effective and have a great beef flavour your dog or puppy will love. Tartar-controlled to help remove & prevent plaque buildup. And keep breath smelling fresh.
    ✅ THREE SOFT BRISTLE TOOTHBRUSHES – The brushes are made with soft bristles to give your pet a good massage and will not irritate or damage your pet’s sensitive gums. 1. Double ended long handle (to reach back teeth) 2. Choice of small or large head allows the removal of plaque and food residue. 3. The finger brush allows you to get a closer brush

  • prevents and removes build up of plaque and tartar
    controls bad breath
    contains bone meal which is high in calcium

  • BEST DENTAL DOG TOOTHPASTE AND TOOTHBRUSH- Petsmile proprietary formula with Calprox cleans teeth and controls plaque build up
    FRESHENS- Petsmile Enzymatic Formula Plus Pet Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush Provides long-lasting germicidal protection for fresher breath. Don’t let your pet fall victim to gum disease and infection
    SAFE & VET, DENTIST APPROVED – The only pet toothpaste approved by VOHC The Veterinary Oral Health Council plus Recommended by Petdentist Deepak Songra member of the BVDA(UK)

  • 70g Enzymatic Toothpaste For Dogs
    Dual-Ended Toothbrush