Dog Calming

A relaxed dog means a relaxed you!
Calms for dogs and NutriCalm for dogs have been specially formulated by vets to calm your anxious pet in a natural way. They aid in preventing unruly and distressing behaviour and are fast acting. The raw ingredients in our products are of the highest quality.


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These high-grade products with their unique formulation are designed not just to provide a sense of calm and peace of mind to your pet, but to you too! These products are a convenient and safe way to help your pet feel more relaxed. Combined with other at-home methods and lots of love from you, you can quickly return to a happy household! Remember – our products are not dog sleeping pills; they are manufactured to calm your pet without the loss of alertness and functioning.

Just as you may take a tablet or other preparation when feeling particularly stressed and anxious, the manufacturers of calming tablets for dogs know that your puppy or dog will also experience moments when they too feel anxious and need to be given a short-term anxiety medication or supplement. Calms for dogs and NutriCalm for dogs are two such brands of commercially available dog calmer preparations owners can turn to with confidence. Such preparations are not dog sleeping pills but a carefully blended mix of nutrients and herbal extracts known for their ability to ease anxiety and return your puppy or dog to a more relaxed state, without drowsiness.
By turning to a dog calmer like Calms for dogs or NutriCalm for dogs, you are taking proactive steps to reduce stress and anxiety in your pet. As is the case with humans, medication and supplements are a necessary and responsible intervention when other methods have not achieved the desired for outcome. Our calming tablets for dogs have been thoroughly tried and tested, and are proven to bring relief. There are many reasons why your puppy or dog may become nervous and stressed, and they experience a range of emotional intensity just as humans do. As a pet ‘parent’ it is your task to get to know your puppy or dog well enough to read the telltale behavioural signs of distress and to nurture them back to health. The natural and safe ingredients contained in our clinical preparations ensure a fast and efficient way of regaining balance.
Buy Calms for dogs to comfort your pet when stress and anxiety strike for the following reasons:

  1. • Coping with loud noises
  2. • Handling transportation and travel of your pet
  3. • When you are moving house with your pet
  4. • When your pet is due to visit the vet
  5. • Whenever you have to board your pet in kennels
  6. • To help your pet cope with the presence of small children
  7. To comfort your new pet in its home
  8. • And for many other everyday situations that may cause your puppy or dog stress and anxiety.
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  • Contains a synthetic copy of the ‘dog appeasing pheromone’ which a mother naturally releases to calm and reassure her litter. It has the same effect on adult dogs.
    Communicating to dogs…like dogs!
    SCENTLESS and Species specific – no effect on humans or other pets

  • 🐕 NATURAL HERBAL RELIEF DROPS 🐈 These natural calming aids for pets come in the form of easy to take herbal drops, meaning you can calm your cat or dog whilst you travel or at home! Some pets hate taking pet calming relief products, because of bad tasting powder or hard to swallow capsules. That’s why Animigo wanted to craft an easy to feed liquid calming drops supplement that your dog will love, thanks to the tasty tuna flavouring!
    🐈 GREAT FOR SEPARATION, TRAVELLING & STORMS 🐕 Does your pet fear separation, hate travelling or tremble at loud noises like storms? If so, try Calming Drops to help them deal with these situations with ease and calmness. Effective in other situations such as New years Eve, moments of aggression, loss anxiety and other moments of panic.
    🐕 VITAMINS, MINERALS AND AMINO ACIDS 🐈 Our natural supplement is packed full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help your furry friend gain plenty of goodness. Easy to apply drops, please take the dosage recommendation from the label. Suitable for all cats and dogs of all ages no matter if they are small, medium or large.

  • ✅ 100% PREMIUM QUALITY FROM GERMANY – Want a peaceful pup? Try the Number one Bestseller from Amazon Germany. CaniComplete uses only the best ingredients. Specially developed globules against anxiety. Highly effective alternative to valerian or St. John’s Wort. Globules for emergency treatment.
    ✅ 100% NATURAL – Globules for calming – Rescue remedy for Dogs & Cats – Natural sedative. Calming and relaxation, whether in stressful or frightening situations (New Year’s Eve, separation anxiety or separation, loss anxiety, grief, aggression, thunderstorm, veterinarian, travel or driving, hyperactivity, frightfulness or other emergencies) or flexible in everyday life to get stress away or to calm basically anxious dogs, stressed cats, or other animals.
    ✅ INSTRUCTIONS – Please see instructions on the 3rd Product Picture on Amazon. The label is also automatically sent out via email after every purchase. Make sure you accept “Messages from Sellers”. Please start with 3×3 daily (morning, lunch, evening). Since its an all natural remedy the effect varies greatly from pet to pet. Increase the dosage until the wanted effect. Heavy dogs might need up to 10+ per Dosage.

  • Natural anti-anxiety product to calm anxiety, worries and stress for dogs, dog massage balm for comfort, joints, helps sleep
    See our Skin Balm, Paw Balm and Nose Balm all made in the UK, cruelty-free.
    Blend of premium essential oils, comforting, non-sedating, calming gentle aroma for humans and dogs

  • DOG CALMING SUPPLEMENTS YOU CAN TRUST: We believe that the health and wellness of your pet is no different than that of humans, and that is why our nutritional supplements meet the highest standards of quality, purity, and potency and are manufactured to Human Grade.
    DOGS OF ALL SIZES AND AGES: All kinds of dogs can become anxious and scared in many different situations, so Bongo’s Best has 4 different recommended daily doses dependant on weight, to make sure your dog gets the best tailored care.
    GREAT TASTE AND EFFECT: Tasty beef flavoured treats that relax your pet, and gives your furry friend a healthy coat and nails.

  • NATURAL CALMING FOR PETS – Our 100% natural product is made from the finest food grade ingredients. Unlike some other brands our product is never watered down and made from the finest concentrated ingredients
    RESULTS WITHIN 20 MINUTES – You will see effects of our effective calmer start to work after 20 minutes, and given daily it has a cumulative effect.
    SUITABLE FOR MANY OCCASIONS – Whether your pet has separation anxiety, or is frightened of loud noises or fireworks, our calmer will create an air of calm.

  • A natural dietary supplement. helps calm & soothe nervous & hyperactive pets.
    Ideal for
    times of stress caused by

    £5.15 £3.59
  • Helps anxious, fearful and nervous dogs to relax and cope better in stressful situations
    Is helping our customers with separation anxiety, loud noises, hyperactivity, reactivity, excessive barking, sleep problems, fear of strangers, changes in routine and environment, travel, Vet visits, moving house and helping rescue dogs settle quicker in their new home
    Comes with a dog behaviour guide (eBook) with practical advice to help you work WITH your dog and get faster results

  • HELPS ANXIETY AND STRESS: If your pup often feels anxious or distressed, we have a solution to help calm him or her down. Our Calming Aid for Dogs is specially formulated to relieve stress in canines. It is especially useful to ease fears associated with fireworks, thunderstorms, and loud noises. You can also use it during travel, grooming, and boarding.
    TAURINE BOOST: These chewable tablets are packed with powerful ingredients to give your dog the best care available. In fact, each tablet contains 240mg of taurine. Taurine has been known to relieve stress in dogs, making it an excellent way to help ease separation anxiety, aggression, and fear in canines. Allow up to 4-6 weeks for best results.
    NATURAL CHICKEN FLAVOUR: What dog can resist the delicious savory flavour of chicken? Delight your pup with our delectable relaxing supplement! It tastes like chicken, so your pooch will be excited to eat it. It’ll be their own special treat that is both tasty and beneficial! Your dog will love them, and you’ll love them for helping your dog’s health!

  • Dog calming tablets that work specifically for dogs over 8 weeks of age who show signs of anxiety or hyperactivity and for loving owners who want their furry friends to continue getting the best out of life. Many dogs face anxiety on a daily basis or short-term situations challenging, Pawbits calming is perfect for keeping your dog calm throughout.
    Stress relief dogs contains amino acids such as Taurine and L-tryptophan to help serotonin production and aid hyperactivity. Contains Inositol used to help balance certain chemicals and help with panic disorder, stop dog barking and other negative behaviour your pet displays when stressed.
    For a hyperactive dog or distressed dog anxiety during: noisy fireworks, loud thunderstorms or other noise phobias, settling into a new home, new members of the family, being left home alone and separation anxiety. It can also help relieve stress during kennel stays, vet visits, training treats and travel calming tablets for dogs and puppies on long or short journeys.

  • AIDS RELAXATION IN DOGS – Unfamiliar environments, travel, separation and loud noises such as thunderstorms and fireworks are common triggers for nervousness in dogs. VitaPaws Pet Calm Formula for Dogs is a premium quality complex of herbs and nutrients that has been expertly developed to support the relaxation of your dog.
    SUPPORTS NORMAL MOOD AND SLEEP – VitaPaws Pet Calm Formula for Dogs provides an effective amount of the essential amino acid L-tryptophan. In the body, L-tryptophan functions as a precursor to two important neurotransmitters known as serotonin and melatonin, which have roles in the normal regulation of mood and the sleep cycle.
    UNIQUE SPRINKLE CAPSULES – Although the capsule shell is perfectly safe for consumption by your pet, our sprinkle capsule products can be opened and the contents directly added to your cat or dog’s meal.

  • CALMING FORMULA – our drops will have immediate effect in CALMING your pet reducing ANXIETY in times of stress and on a daily basis.
    100% NATURAL FORMULA PACKED WITH CALMING HERBS & MINERALS – Contains VALERIAN which is a powerful, non-addictive relaxant, sedative and pain reliever – proven to reduce nervous anxiety, agitation and hysteria. Also contains MAGNESIUM which most animals are deficient in – this deficiency can lead to excess adrenaline which can lead to stressed out pets.
    FAST ACTING & EFFECTIVE – only takes around 20 minutes for the drops to work – much quicker than tablets and easier to administer to your pets, simply mix into their food.

  • ✅ INSTANT, NATURAL CALMING SOLUTION – New and natural way of tackling stress and anxiety.
    ✅ PERFECT FOR ON THE MOVE – Great for use in cars, crates and cages, new environments, dog houses, pet beds etc.
    ✅PROVIDE YOUR DOG WITH SENSE OF SAFETY AND WELLBEING – The Dog Doctor’s blend of essentials oils works alongside these natural relaxation pathways to help calm the nerves of anxious or stressed pets.

  • * KNOW YOUR PET IS RELAXED & CALM: With Our Anxiety Tablets For Dogs It’s The Best Pet Calmer Supplement For Reducing Stress, Aggression, Calm Tension And Separation Anxiety In Dogs Is Part Of Our Anti-Stress Products Range
    * NO MORE BAD TRAVEL EXPERIENCE WITH YOUR PET: Travel,Thunderstorms, Fireworks Etc Will Be A Thing Of The Past With These Stress Tablets For Dogs
    * VET-APPROVED: Designed And Produced In The UK By Nutrition And Herbal Scientists For Anxiety Dogs

  • CALMS DOGS DOWN – Vet’s Best Comfort Calm supplement helps relieve dog anxiety and promotes a sense of relaxation without drowsiness.
    SOOTHING RELIEF – Helps to reduce the effects of environmental stress in dogs exhibiting signs of nervousness, aggression, hyperactivity or discontentment.
    PROVIDES COMFORT – Helps provide comfort for common stressors such as: fireworks, thunderstorms, hyperactivity, boarding, loud noises, environmental stress, separation anxiety, grooming and travel.

  • Can be used for any predictable short-term occasional challenging events that can be stressful for your dogs
    Can be used to help with fireworks, thunderstorms, travel, visits to the vets and groomers and house parties.
    No loading dose required

  • This may come as a plastic or glass bottle
    Scientifically proven – over 28 published clinical papers support the use of adaptil
    Trusted – used by vets, charities and behaviourists

  • To calm & relax before bed or at times of stress eg fireworks
    With chamomile, scullcap & valerian

  • Provide relief from vet visits, car trips, hyperactivity, noise, anxiety, crate anxiety, thunderstorm, anxiety and excessive barking
    The most effective solution to dog nervousness
    Veterinary approved

  • Mild Calming Lavender Aromatherapy Deodorising Spray
    Built in Conditioner
    PH Balanced with Pro Vitamin B5

  • With valerian, chamomile and lemon balm for their calming qualities and lavender for its soothing aroma.
    For times of stress such as long journeys.
    Wheat free, all natural